Hello! Welcome to my space, filled with authentic connections and lots of storytelling. 
I am a free spirited, artistic human; Married to my college sweetheart, mom of two beautiful girls and a fur baby! My journey as an artist started 4-5 years back after I took a break from a very mundane management career. Since then, photography has become my true passion and soul mate. 
I specialize in Child, Family and Maternity photography with an emphasis on authentic, crazy and loving connections. In my sessions I love interacting with children- as they always present their true authentic selves.
My biggest inspirations are nature and I a sucker for golden light! 
If you’re searching for someone to capture the irreplaceable feeling of love, or that forever moment, where life stands still and a story unfolds – I might be your person. 
Love, Divya 

Day by day I float my paper boats…