Little Warrior Princess -“I Imagine” Session-{Dubai Child Photographer}

It’s the first month of the New Year, and you know what that means. It’s the time of year when we make resolutions! I do too! I know my resolution for this year is to go beyond and challenge my own boundaries. This means to “dream” and then to “do”.

Back in December, when I drove my younger one to her gym class, I saw a small patch with wild weeds / some rocks, and  gorgeous golden light. This patch checked all the boxes of a dream location!  However, I do get cold feet when I look at locations, which are a bit challenging and off beat. This location haunted me for a while and then I decided I had to go ahead and capture that gorgeous light.  My children are pretty forth coming , in testing out new locations ( promises for a new set of Shopkins or a new Nancy Drew book surely seals the deal).I also try to involve them in the process and get their creative juices rolling by throwing up various ideas. My younger one loves drama and has a very very creative imagination. She comes up with extremely interesting ideas . Understanding how a child’s mind dreams and thinks, gave me an idea to offer “ I imagine” sessions for children. They can decide what they would like to be and I will bring it to life for them!

My daughter loves her gladiator shoes and loves to pretend that she is Pocahontas… this session was our interpretation of the warrior princess! We spent about a total of 30 minutes and got a camera full of images, which will be cherished by my daughter and will adorn the walls of our home soon!

And ..yes! That golden light…….totally swoon worthy. I can visualize a maternity session here..what do you think?

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